For Sale => GameStop/EB Games Gift Card. $142.91.

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25-09-2007 10:26:15

Hey guys,

I traded in a lot of stuff at Gamestop/EB Games without realizing that they give either store credits or cash with 20% discounted (which sucks). So I have this Gift Cardthat I do not need and would like cash for (via PayPal if sold on here).

Open to all offers. Letting you know now I will not even consider anything under $115.

Highest bidders wins this.

I have a phone number you can call to check that it indeed has this amount on it. And my higher TR on here can show that I am trustworthy to send you the card once the PayPal hits my account.

Thanks! )


25-09-2007 10:37:15

EB Games is no more. It's just GameStop now. Just clarifying some things for people. ;)


25-09-2007 10:41:07

Oh really? Wow, there are still stores here where I live that are called EB Games... maybe the switch is taking longer in some areas. Thanks for the update TFOAF


26-09-2007 18:20:32

I am interested. Is this a gift card or something?


27-09-2007 09:04:43

Yes, it is a Gamestop Edge Giftcard. I have the receipt as well showing what was traded in to obtain this for the amount of $142.91. Just make an offer on here so other members can keep track of what the current high bid is.


01-10-2007 06:55:25

Wow, this has not had the response that I figured a Gamestop giftcard would have on here. I guess if I don't hear anything soon, I'll just put it up on The Bay. I know I can probably get at least $130 for it. Just wanted to see if anyone here wanted it before doing that.


01-10-2007 08:33:55

$75 - sorry for the lowball but your loss my gain. Goodluck selling if you dont take $75


01-10-2007 11:43:54

Like I said, I won't accept any offers lower than $110-$115, seeing as how this giftcard is worth $143.

Thanks for your reply though.


03-10-2007 10:33:26

I'll pay 110 D


04-10-2007 12:39:31

I might be interested.. I will let you know in a day or so, ill give you $115 shipped.


05-10-2007 07:53:01

Giftcard is still available. I might give it a couple more days and if I get no serious takers, I'll just post up on eBay. )

Big War Bird

06-10-2007 17:07:42

116 Shipped