I want to trade for a xbox

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23-09-2007 19:12:25

I have a sega dreamcast with 13 games and 3 controllers and one of those memory cards

I also have a sega genesis with two controllers and maybe one game

and a PSP

looking for a working xbox and one or two controllers

PM me so we can work something out

also have cash wink

edited because I am an idiot oops


23-09-2007 21:19:12

Trade only? Because I would much rather give you cold, hard cash.

Also, is this a Series 1 or Series 2 Saturn?

[bde44e5f2cf]Series 1[/bde44e5f2cf]

http//www.heimcomputer.de/pics/saturn1.jpg[" alt=""/imgde44e5f2cf]

[bde44e5f2cf]Series 2[/bde44e5f2cf]

[img="de44e5f2cf]http//www.cyberiapc.com/vgg/pics/sega_saturn1.jpg[" alt=""/imgde44e5f2cf]


24-09-2007 14:50:06

How much if i have a working xbox?

-Pm me.



11-10-2007 07:13:18

I have a nice, working oroginal XBOX with controllers and games. PM if you are interested.


11-10-2007 11:50:49

I also have a original xbox, with 2 controllers, let me know what your offering cash wise


11-10-2007 15:08:23