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20-09-2007 18:19:53

I need cheap apple cards so I can get a macbook.


22-09-2007 06:16:41

indianbuckeye (search for him in the member list) has a $599 one for sale. TraInn sites related to Apple offer them too.



22-09-2007 13:36:51

I have a $100 one, how much can you offer me for it?


22-09-2007 14:04:06

[quote88bf549a32="tjwor"]I have a $100 one, how much can you offer me for it?[/quote88bf549a32]

if its from the iphone credit its non transferable

Customers may redeem their store credits only for qualified purchases directly from Apple at an Apple Retail Store, the Apple Online Store, or Apple Telesales (1-800-MY-APPLE) in the United States. Customers may not redeem their store credits (1) at any iTunes Store in the United States or elsewhere, (2) Apple Store locations outside the United States; (3) at Apple resellers; [b88bf549a32](4) for cash;[/b88bf549a32] (5) to purchase Apple Gift Cards, or,iTunes Store Gift Certificates, to give iTunes Store content as gifts, or to create iTunes Store allowances; or (6) as payments on Apple accounts. [b88bf549a32]Customers may not resell, transfer, or otherwise assign the credits. [/b88bf549a32]Remaining balances on store credits can be determined by calling 888-320-3301. This store credit program is governed by the laws of the State of California. Apple reserves the right to deny or disregard any claim deemed to be false or fraudulent. This program is valid only to customers who reside within the 50 United States or District of Columbia. This program and the store credits are void where prohibited or restricted by law. Apple is not responsible for printing or database errors. Customers should keep copies of these Terms and Conditions. Apple reserves the right to change without notice the Terms and Conditions, modify the program, or end the program at any time.


26-09-2007 19:21:54

thanks, yea im only buying apple cards, tangilble ones. I will buy at 90% of the price.


29-09-2007 13:07:44

Did you check eBay?
I'm sure they have a few...


29-09-2007 20:21:55

OK if you're buying @ 90% of the price definitely PM indianbuckeye, he'll probably sell it to you (or maybe you have already done it, I don't know).


09-10-2007 15:27:51

can u direct him here


21-10-2007 18:54:58

lalall bump!!!#@!#$!@#


25-10-2007 19:07:26

bump it up!