Dell Computer, Cricket Cell Phone, and Used DVD's: LOOK!

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20-09-2007 10:21:29

I am trying something new. I have posted just a few things that I am selling on this site that I created. A Dell computer , Cell Phone and Dvd's.
If you're interested......take a look at the site. Just click on the link Below. Thank you !

Sorry, The link has been removed for technical difficulties.



20-09-2007 15:37:25

The page is blank....


20-09-2007 16:34:23

Alright , well the link is no good, but if you have any questions about the Computer, Cell phone or DVD's, just ask. Thanks. If you want to get a hold of me, here is my


20-09-2007 17:00:14

Ok... you could just post specs of the PC, and what DVDs and cell phones you have. I'm interested but I really don't feel like emailing you.


21-09-2007 06:51:56

The PC is a Dell, Flatscreen. 3.06GHz, 504MB of Ram. It has a 15' monitor and is in good shape. I have only had it for about 6 months.

The cell phone is a Cricket flip phone made by Motorolla.

The Dvd's are the same ones I was selling before....

Superman Returns
The dukes of hazard
Peter Pan, 2 disc edition
The wedding singer
One Missed Call


21-09-2007 07:35:40

Ok, thanks. Is the screen an LCD or CRT? And are you sure it's 504mb? Usually it comes in 512mb, is it a stick of 512 or is it older RAM that isn't as powerful? Also what kind of video card does it have? And you know anything about the PSU or motherboard?


21-09-2007 08:54:20

The Monitor is LCD, and I went to my control panel and clicked on "System" and here is what it says

System Microsoft windows XP...............Computer Intel(R)
.............Professional...............................Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz
.............Version 2002..............................3.06GHz, 504MB of Ram
.............Service pack 2............................Physical Address Extension


21-09-2007 09:45:02

Celeron processor.... ack


21-09-2007 11:01:04

Haha yeah, not exactly best in technology, but my bro wants a PC. How much are you looking for and you got pics? Also can you check if/what kind of video card it has? Right click on my computer, click properties, click the hardware tab, then click Device Manager. It'll show it under Display Adapters or something like that.


21-09-2007 11:35:21

I went to my computer and under , "Display Adapters" it said, ..............Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family. Here is a link that you should be able to use to see pics of the PC.


21-09-2007 11:41:52

Oh alright, so it's onboard video. Also there's no link there /


21-09-2007 11:45:58

Oh yea, sorry about that


There ya go.


21-09-2007 12:17:52

No offense, but you're pricing is way too high. 512mb RAM is about $30 now. Celeron processors are so old they don't even sell them anymore in most places. Also it's onboard sound and video, on a mobo that's probably worth about $50, and also you didn't say anything about the HDD size but it's probably 80gb because I doubt anybody would have a PC like that and tons of HDD space. I'm interested in it, but not for $500. LMK if you would go lower. Also, did you buy the PC directly from dell 6 months ago? Because those cases were used like 2-3 years ago, my old dell from a few years ago had one like that.


21-09-2007 12:24:30

I'm sorry , I don't know much about computers.. Give me an offer and maybe we can work something out.


21-09-2007 12:40:59

[quote9f29ea9a68="Lemaster25"]I'm sorry , I don't know much about computers.. Give me an offer and maybe we can work something out.[/quote9f29ea9a68]

Since you've announced you don't know much about computers I would hope anyone interested will not low ball him but give an honest quote.


21-09-2007 12:57:25

Yeah, I'm with manOFice. Lemaster, if you want, when you get offers you can put them up in here and ask our opinion on if it's a lowball offer or not. Good luck.


21-09-2007 13:15:51

I wasn't going to ) I'm not 100% sure what they're worth all put together already and stuff, anybody know? )


22-09-2007 11:50:14

I did some research on computers..haha...I looked up the price to the exact type of PC that I have and it was hard to find but here is a link to a site that tells a little bit about them and someones personal experience with a PC like the one I have.....



22-09-2007 13:11:21

The thing with Dells is that you can custom build it and still have the same model. There it says The Physical Memory of this system is 1024 MB, using the Pentium 4 processor. That is 2x more RAM and a much better processor. I was at staples today and saw a PC like yours, maybe a little nicer.. Specs 512mb RAM, 320gb HDD, pentium 4 processor(2 point something ghz), an a 17inch CRT monitor. It was $250 with $50 mail in rebate.

How many gigs is your HDD?


23-09-2007 11:20:02

Local Disk (C) is only 37.2 GB


23-09-2007 11:20:53

Local Disk (C) is 37.2GB


23-09-2007 11:40:36

Ok, so you got a price set?


23-09-2007 12:58:46

I'm not for sure, about how much do you think it will cost to ship?


23-09-2007 13:07:49

[quoted85f4392dd="Lemaster25"]I'm not for sure, about how much do you think it will cost to ship?[/quoted85f4392dd]

Good question, PCs on eBay have $30-$50 shipping.


23-09-2007 13:34:09

Well...I was thinking maybe somewhere around $375-$400.


23-09-2007 14:32:21

[quote7423ec9072="Lemaster25"]Well...I was thinking maybe somewhere around $375-$400.[/quote7423ec9072]

Oh alright, then no thanks, I think I'll be better off getting that other PC I saw. Thanks for you time though.


23-09-2007 17:27:21

Sorry my price was too high, but thanks for your opinion. later Man!


23-09-2007 18:22:44

I built my pc for around 450 and this is what I got

Generic Computer Case
AMD 3800 X2
2 GiG DDR800
320 7200rpm hard drive
Lite on dual layer dvd burner/cdburner
Tforce 6100 AM2 motherboard with onboard Ndvida 6100 graphics

So yeah, you probably won't get that much advertising on here, these guys know pc's a bit more, I would try craigslist and try to catch a family looking for a "good reliable computer".

Good luck


24-09-2007 07:59:37

Hey, thanks for the advice man.


25-09-2007 15:50:24