Time Warner Naked 6 mbps Line

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You will find my story with this deal on the last page =P


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hehe it's def worth the read


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Im in NYC and have optimum online. We've always had cable, but about a year ago, my mom called to get cable and probably phone service as well. Anyways, they always have a promotion $30/$30/$30 for everything for 12 months. Voip Phone/cable 15mbps(i think...thats what I saw on the website)/tv cable(basic package). Then it all goes up. Not sure how much, but internet should be $45. That day my mom called twice. The first time the guy said, "the price for cable will go up to $45 in a year." So, then we convinced her and told her to cancel after a year or something, when she calls back, she gets a nice lady that says they'll apply a $15 rebate forever on the internet. So we just pay $30 for everything...

Almost the same story as manoffice. playful