WTB NFS Carbon (360)

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08-09-2007 11:33:21

I'm looking to buy NFS Carbon for Xbox 360. Maybe a few other games if they are ones I think that I might like...but preferably Carbon. Let me know what you have and how much shipped to MI, 49008


08-09-2007 14:30:12

I have NFS Most Wanted, make me an offer if interested.


08-09-2007 18:00:58

I actually bought it already today from meijers for $30, nvm. But if anyone has any other good games i might be interested.


09-09-2007 06:47:58

I have crackdown, PGR 3, and splinter cell.


09-09-2007 10:18:17

Honestly, carbon wasn't too impressive.
Most wanted was way better IMO.
If I had the choice, I would take MW over Carbon...
There's almost no cops in carbon, and that's what the fun really is...Running away from the cops.


09-09-2007 15:30:08

I have vegas and gears of War


14-09-2007 14:54:56

You can get it for $23 shipped at Family Video today only as a first time customer with code NEWMEM5F

Ripped from SD.