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05-09-2007 09:01:47

I completed a site and received a PS3. I was purchasing this for my husband, but he says that with his hours at work, he won't really be able to play it much, so he would rather that I sell it than to let it sit and collect dust. It is brand new in the box, never been opened. I also received two games. Madden 08 and Ghost Recon. The retail on all three is about $620, so I would like to get as close to that as possible. I have received an offer of $450 shipped for all three, but I think that I could get a better offer on ebay, especially if I sell everything separately. I figured that I would post on this forum as well as FLR and A4F to see if anyone is interested before I post on ebay. If interested please PM me.



05-09-2007 09:14:04

It is a 60GB PS3, or a 20GB? Are the games still brand new (I know you said the PS3 is, never said anything about the games)? Please let me know,

- Patrick


05-09-2007 09:26:53

Sorry! oops After seeing the above post, I realized that I had left out some information. shock It is a PS3 60GB. The games are brand new and never opened as well.

lilililiThe system was ordered from Amazon.com and after looking on the website, I noticed that they had a special offer for 8 free Blu-ray movies. I called Amazon, but unfortunately this system does not qualify for the free movies. (

If interested, let me know. Thanks!


05-09-2007 09:38:58

Are you willing to separate anything, or are you wanting to sell it all at once [I know you said you probably would on eBay, just want to check].


05-09-2007 09:49:15

Yes, I'd be willing to break up the items. Which item are you interested in?