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31-08-2007 08:30:58

the gift card is tangible

pm or post if you are interested

i believe u can use this online too


31-08-2007 19:01:26

380 paypal


01-09-2007 13:13:18

i am looking into getting started and having a decent rating. i will negotiate probably more reasonably than what you would expect if you can just help me get started in doing this. i am hungry . please contact me


01-09-2007 13:45:21



01-09-2007 14:03:58

Your hungry yet you have a working computer, internet connection, and electricity.


01-09-2007 16:22:29

hey man, you dont have to be a jerk. im just tryimake a living like everybody else , without goin out and busting my ass all day. you dont know my situation nor do you know anyone elses , so no need to be so judgemental


01-09-2007 16:46:10

If I was hungry, meaning I needed food -- I would not waste money on the internet or a computer.


01-09-2007 16:53:42

whatever, hungry has more than one meaning, but maybe for you just that meaning . your probably some 300 lb. chunk of lard that sits at the computer all day. cya chunky!!!


01-09-2007 16:56:13

Stop the stupid playground arguments, people, or you can all take a timeout from the forums.

rick27, you're making unrelated posts in somebody else's thread. If you have some specific sites you're looking to trade for, that is what the Trading Post forum is for. However I have to insist that you read and understand all the rules of this forum beforehand. I also urge you not to consider this hobby as a source of income -- it does NOT take the place of a real job.


01-09-2007 17:26:08

thanx dm, i appreciate your professionalism , i am not tryin to have this take place of my job though, just to help me out with some extra income. i have read the rules over and over again , but i am confused as to where i go from there. this is why i posted this thread. thank you


01-09-2007 17:52:28

http//jabusites.1hwy.com/images/naked_fat_man.jpg[" alt=""/img4c1cd0f2bf]

You got me.

I need a vacation....


02-09-2007 20:32:58

dude wtf thats sick


06-09-2007 07:45:04



06-09-2007 20:45:46

mwt123 - please make a new thread, this time devoid of threadcrapping.