Bioshock xbox360 for sale, just bought today

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21-08-2007 20:09:58

played the game, thought it was going to be able to muliplayer. its an awesome game, beat three levels with some friends.

it's one of those games where u walk around first person, unlock things, find secret things, u can hack robots and create a robot army to follow you around, its a thriller, loud noises, screams, like a horror movie. a bit freaky at times, gory as hell.

if you are into that kinda game, its awesome... i just want to be spending my time on a sports game or a COD kinda game for the time being.

if anyone is interested please post offers here... i just bought the game today, i have a recepit.

look up bioshock on gamespot i think its rated high 9's outta 10.


21-08-2007 20:40:55

45 shipped?


21-08-2007 22:47:09


is 50 shipped possible?


22-08-2007 06:08:32

No - I can get it from the store brand new for 52. Now why would I pay the same for a used game?

And I know it is 1 day old, but it is still USED


22-08-2007 09:31:24

wow store 52 is pretty awesome... ite then


22-08-2007 21:08:46

sold <<