Round Trip Plane Tickets for $200 per person.

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15-08-2007 13:13:12

I have three round trip standby tickets that will go any where delta fly. The price is $200 per person. With my mother and I member's club we have been able to take advantage of this promotional offer. The tickets are good for a year. From August 15, 2007- August 15, 2008. So if you're planning on traveling within that time frame act fast. I don't know how long these tickets will be available. Also I may be able to get more discounted tickets in the future but don't know if it will be at that special price.


15-08-2007 14:27:31

Hey, I might be interested in buying all 3 off of you. How does it all work? Do I pay you and then you send me the vouchers or what? Let me know. Thanks.


15-08-2007 14:30:42

She has a higher tr then you =P


15-08-2007 14:37:29

[quote24b62f5c6e="manOFice"]She has a higher tr then you =P[/quote24b62f5c6e]
TR rule isn't a written rule =P .


15-08-2007 14:39:08

Yes it is.

/end. =P


15-08-2007 14:44:03

Apart from the TR (that's not a concern for me... I will pay first if he/she is paypal verified).

I just don't understand how all of this works. She says she has "three roundtrip standby tickets". Does this mean that say, me, my wife and my mother in law want to try to fly sometime in December, can we use these vouchers just like tickets and order our tickets online? Or do we have to submit ourselves to standby, and run the risk of not even being to get on the flight that we want?

Is it like three free roundtrip tickets cuz of SkyMiles? Or is it something different? I've never used any type of voucher or ticket to fly... I've always just bought my tickets online at retail price. Don't really know how it all works.


15-08-2007 14:46:08

their good tickets...use them within a year.

Usually you can get round trip tickets etc if they over book the flight and you take the tickets and take a later flight

I know people who would book a flight during busy season in hops it was over booked...that way they offer round trip tickets if you take a later flight ;) free tickets!


15-08-2007 14:50:03

The way it's worded, it sounds like I pay $200 per ticket to have these vouchers that let me and 2 other people go and standby to get on a flight. Odds are, usually, that no seats will open up, especially during the holiday season.

Or are these just as good as tickets and can I just use them to book 3 seats on a flight and be guaranteed that flight?


15-08-2007 17:10:19

You sure it's anywhere delta flies? I'd like to go to Oslo, Norway, and they fly there, but I doubt I can get a round trip for $200 ?


15-08-2007 18:24:38

What you would do is send me your name and anyone else's name you want on the tickets, your address that appears on your driver's license and anyone's else address, date of birth, and where you are going. September 15, 2007 is when you can book the flight. You have a year from that date to book it. When you book your flight, you will then pay your sells tax whether it's domestic or international. Ex Paris would be international price around $100 no more than $150 for sales tax per person. So you would be paying for a round trip to Paris including sales tax for no more than $350. Domestic, meaning anywhere in the states, sale tAxes would be no more than $65- $75 a person. So in the states you would pay no more tAan $275 round trip including sales tax. You can't beat that with a stick. If you have any further questions, you can call me at 404-734-2272 or pm me. I also have discounts on resorts or condos anywhere in the world at a disounted rate. If you know anyone or if you're interested in going to Orlando, Fl, Miami Beach, Fl, Las Vegas Nevada, or etc for 4 days and 3 nights for $99, let me know.


15-08-2007 18:27:38

Don't worry about getting on a flight. You will definitely be able to view the availability of it, how many seats are available and everything. It will give you a list from that morning to that night on the day you want to lAave on how Aany seat are available and things of that nature. By being a owner a Westgate resorts, my mother and I travel all the time and usually we travel in groups. We never ran into any problems as of yet. We just simply view the avalibility and go from there to see how many seats we need if 5,6,7 people are going. They are standby tickets, but you still eill be able to go on a flight. If you're going onAa busy season, just leave earlier in the week instead on the weekend. That's my suggestion.


15-08-2007 18:28:35

You sure it's anywhere delta flies? I'd like to go to Oslo, Norway, and they fly there, but I doubt I can get a round trip for $200

You will definitely be able to go round trip for $200 guaranteed. All you would do is pay the sells tax. If it's out the states, sell taxes would run you $100-$150 per person. So round trip including sells tax is no more than $350. It is really true. I'm a owner with Westgate resorts and I'm able tro get the tickets at a really low price.


16-08-2007 07:51:01

Sent you a PM Latanya. I'm seriously interested.


20-08-2007 11:38:56

Can I Fly to turkey with them? Does Delta fly there? If so, 200$ each is a ridiculous steal. Normally 1500$ per person....


21-08-2007 14:57:12

Delta sure does fly to Turkey.