FS: Dell Dimension E510 Desktop Home Theater PC. LOADED!

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14-08-2007 10:26:07

Hey everyone.

I'm selling my 1 year old Dell Dimension E510 Home Theater PC that's been turned on literally 4 times. It's fully loaded with every feature available, fast processor, lots of hard-drive space and RAM, and more!

I spent over $1300 when I purhcased it and I'm asking for $750.

Take a look at my detailed Craig's List ad


I'd be willing to ship it to someone here on FIPG if any of you are interested. Just let me know. )


14-08-2007 21:20:01

This one actually is a fair price considering it has 3 years of warranty left.


15-08-2007 09:47:37

Yeah, Thanks for the back-up JOSHBOX.

It really IS a good deal. And I hate to see it go. But I just never use it. $750 really is a steal.