CompUSA USB or PC Card - Wireless Adapter only $4.99 (AR)!

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07-08-2007 15:10:39

Mighty cheap for such a small guy!

$4.99 After Rebates - USB Wireless Adapter allows you to get on the internet wirelessly on your desktop pc or laptop without a wireless card.
Up to 54Mbps on 2.0 USB ports...


Or if you want a wireless card for your notebook - only $4.99 (AR)


08-08-2007 00:33:59

Beware. CUSA rebates are tricky (I've had to resubmit after being told I didn't do it in time when I had). TRENDNet is also not quality, IMO.

Plus these have been in almost every CUSA ad for months. I think they want to get rid of them while CUSA still remains. )


08-08-2007 03:37:31

I thought CompUSA was pretty good with their rebates, which is a main reason why I go back to them!


08-08-2007 04:30:50

I don't think they're that highly rated, although my personal experience was the basis of my comments. ;)