Tournament Paintball Marker, 2004 Freestyle Gen2 with upgrad

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04-08-2007 09:25:05

Alright fellow ballers, here is my 04 Generation 2 Freestyle, with a red to black fade. I haven't played all summer, and would really like the cash for college, so I am putting it up. I honestly got +/- 1 last time I chronoed with this, and it shoots amazing. I had it teched last summer by ICD. It is in IMMAcULATE condition!

-12" DYE Ultralite (In picture but not in gun)
-CP Reg
-High Efficiency Delrin Bolt
-DYE Stickies
-WGP Drop Forward On/Off
-Infinity Clamping Feedneck
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I can add a bunch of my gear for PB if you need it, like tanks, masks, packs, halos, etc.

1) I will not ship first unless you are mod or have like 5 pages feedback.
2) Cash is king.
3) Please PM and Post, it makes it easier for me.
4) IF your not 18, I need to talk to your parents.
5) Please be mature.


$220 OBO I accept paypal, Money Order, ePassporte

I will look at all trades, but cash is king for me right now.


04-08-2007 14:29:42

how much lower are you willing to go from that base price... honestly we fipg'ers are looking for a steal... most of us are tight on cash... and will only buy if its a HOT DEAL.... are you able to do better with the BIN price?


04-08-2007 17:00:53

That's a pretty good BIN price right there. In the paintball marker world, that gun last year would go for around 400 dollars. This year, its right around 210, depending on the condition. If you are interested, make an offer and I might be able to work something out.


04-08-2007 18:01:15

Yeah, the price is pretty good already.


05-08-2007 00:38:32

That's an amazing gun for an amazing price.


05-08-2007 07:10:34

Thanks guys. Anyone wanna buy it?


09-08-2007 15:32:07

Pending, please offer if you want it fast...