Wtb: Grey Parts on Bottom and Top of Xbox 360 Console

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27-07-2007 00:01:12

That's right, just the small grey parts with the holes in them. You know, the bottom and the top part of it when standing it vertically.
I need these because to send in my broken one, I need these parts, but, I've lost them when I opened my xbox a while back. If anyone has a broken system and would be willing to sell/donate these parts to me. I'd love you


27-07-2007 11:11:26

Just send in the parts... lol


28-07-2007 08:11:40

ummm it doesn't matter you voided your warranty by opening the xbox


28-07-2007 09:37:33

You broke the seal? If so, then don't bother sending it in. If it's just the gray parts that are broken I would think they'd let it pass.