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25-07-2007 04:25:48

I need help getting my free wii. I'm Unable to pay you all at moment but I feel that If you want a wii or any other great prize just learning about this site is worthy enough P.

Swat Prizes has you complete 1 or 2 offers(some offers worth 2), and then you must signup around (DON'T LEAVE AFTER HEARING THIS IT'S DIFFERENT) 12 or so refferals -depending on prize- who must also complete offers. The thing though is that allmost all of the offers are free trials, or pay small shipping fee. Example Advantage Language Learn any language for free, just pay $6.95 for shipping and handling.(counts 2 offers)

Please atleast check it out, and If you decide to do it, please atleast help a brother out and ask me for my link.

You can get many things for <4 refferals. Free games for 1 refferal. ETC. Its amazing.


25-07-2007 05:27:51

You'll be banned for spam.

Oh, and I reported your link.


25-07-2007 06:04:01

wait why? what did i do? O CRAP. deleted it ... I guess i didn't read or die. I want to delete this but I cant... please don't ban me. Newbie mistake.


25-07-2007 06:30:02

....maybe you should have? dmorris didn't code that box to be up there on every page in the forum for no reason, he wants people to read it.

And you're sadly mistaken if you think people will sign up FOR FREE when there are many many people offering cash for greens here.