Subway: Free 6" Sub w/Purchase of 32oz Drink (NY/NJ/CT)

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20-07-2007 19:59:10

Some may know this from FW or SD already, but it's so much better than most Subway deals that I thought I'd post it here too.

Register with an address in the tri-state area and you'll get a email with a link to a one-time view coupon (It's best to save the page in case your printer dies in the line of duty).

Mine was for a free 6" sub when I buy a 32oz drink. A 32oz soda is still less than $2 locally, so this is a nice deal. )


21-07-2007 08:35:30

Hmm.. I might have to check that out. It is a pretty good deal, but honestly I think subway subs suck. Worth $2 though..


22-07-2007 22:00:01

Is it the bread? It's hard to fault most of the ingredients. )