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Big War Bird

18-07-2007 18:55:02

I have two physical $10 Regal Cinema Gift Certificates for sale. I received these as a gift but that theater is too far away for me.

These are good at Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Theares.

[bb4d59c6513]They never expire[/bb4d59c6513].[/sizeb4d59c6513]



18-07-2007 19:14:51

do they expire?

$10 shipped for both


18-07-2007 19:39:55

$11 paypal shipped and I also want to know about expiration dates.


18-07-2007 19:47:35

[quote7425b4e3da="Big War Bird"]They never expire.[/quote7425b4e3da]


18-07-2007 21:23:01

$12 shipped.

Big War Bird

19-07-2007 19:06:18

Can anyone do better? This will go to the highest bidder come saturday morning!