Acer Aspire Notebook

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14-07-2007 12:34:54

I have a nice notebook computer I am sell for $550 If you are intrested please PM me

Intel Celeron M 420
1.46 GHZ
DVD-RW/CDRW Combo Drive
15.4" TFT
56K Modem
Win XP Media Center OS


14-07-2007 13:10:17

wow celeron M for only 550!?!? BARGAIN!!


14-07-2007 13:14:17

The OS is XP MCE so it must be at least 6-8 months old minimum, there is a special at best buy this week on this computer which is $100 cheaper and NEW. The screen size is 1" smaller but for many that is an upgrade. The computer listed above isnt worth more than $300.


[bda92d1baac]Gateway® Intel® Celeron® Processor 520
thru Jul 14[/bda92d1baac][/sizeda92d1baac]


Windows Vista™ Home Basic
512MB DDR2 memory
80GB hard drive
DVD/CD-RW combo drive
14.1" Ultrabright™ Widescreen

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14-07-2007 15:03:49

Dude, no need to threadcrap....

Let the thread starter ask for what they think is acceptable.

But I will agree it's not worth more than $300.00

Threadstarter, try and ask for at least $500.00

You might get around 425 for it which isn't bad....

You won't get no one near that around here, we know much better.

I use to buy Acer laptops from Best Buy when they were on sale and sell them for a small profit on craigslist. (maybe $50.00 if I was lucky)

Acers are pretty cheap and crappy laptops, they have poor build quality and usually are always on sale.

This Dell is 600 shipped and will smoke what you're selling... do you see where I'm going with this? Try craigslist...



14-07-2007 15:39:29

definetly not a thread crap, to sell that computer for $550 or anywhere near that price would be downright abuse of our forum members and their lack of computer knowledge, and I dont want that to happen. I am merely educating them on alternatives and what is a fair price so nobody gets ripped off.


14-07-2007 18:03:10

I just thought that it is worth that. No offense to anyone.


14-07-2007 18:15:23

It's okay teetee, if you're not in the industry it's sometimes hard to comprehend how quickly technology values drop.

BTW, you need to remove that (albeit broken) reflink from your sig. It's against the forum rules, which you agreed to when you signed up.


14-07-2007 20:00:54

try ebay, I sold a 3/4 year old tablet for 385 shipped