Pirates [X Rated] Brand New DVD & HD DVD

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13-07-2007 20:16:02

http//www.sharkyfarts.com/wp-content/_700215h%5B1%5D.jpg[" alt=""/img9a7a615a00]

Item is brand new and never used... Exactly as if you were to buy the movie at a store except its only missing the cellophane wrapping.

All discs are in flawless cosmetic condition and there is only a slight crease at the lower left side of the box. All discs were tested and are in 100% working order.

All 3 discs are included (DVD version, Special Features DVD and HD DVD.

[b9a7a615a00]I will [u9a7a615a00]NOT[/u9a7a615a00] sell this to any new members or anyone I know who is under the age of 18. Sale is subject to strict approval.[/b9a7a615a00]

$30 shipped (or $20 shipped if you don't want the HD DVD included)


13-07-2007 20:48:56

h3x, you dog


13-07-2007 20:59:50

Actually the 3rd disc is not WMV HD [it uses the WMV HD codec but it isn't inside a WMV container]...

Its in HD DVD format that was pressed on a DVD-9... So it will only play in an HD DVD player (such as the Xbox360 HD DVD player or you can play it on any standard DVD drive with HD DVD playback software installed, such as AnyDVD HD or the latest WinDVD).

Regardless, it comes with a standard DVD format in case you don't have an HD DVD player.

Also, I'm knocking $5 off the asking price because I just noticed a small crease at the lower left corner of the outside box. Its nothing major. Everything else (inside box and discs are in perfect condition).


13-07-2007 21:01:37

I didn't think anyone could take the sexiness out of it. shock ;)


13-07-2007 21:12:43



13-07-2007 21:52:41

Yes. This is the X-Rated version.


13-07-2007 22:26:42

$45 for a single porn movie? Is that seriously how much they go for? Christ you could get laid for less than that if your actually willing to pay for sex.

Not trying to thread bash/jack h3x I just found it shocking that porn gose for that much money as i've never bought any myself.


13-07-2007 22:48:25

It includes an HD DVD version along with the Standard DVD version (which is probably the reason why it costs more than your average porn film)...

That and because the film has over 300 special effects, an original musical score, and the film was produced with a $1 million budget.

[quotef4dae4febb]Pirates is the most expensive pornographic film ever made, with a reported budget of over 1 million US dollars and featuring unusually high production values for a pornographic film.[/quotef4dae4febb]

[quotef4dae4febb]The production was shot using high definition digital video cameras and featured over 300 special effects shots. It also included an original music score and was mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Some scenes were shot on a real life sailing ship, a St. Petersburg, Florida-based replica of the HMS Bounty (though it was without the knowledge of the replica's owners; the producers represented the film as a PG-13-level comedy for television). Most action scenes (non porn) were filmed in Tampa Bay unknown to anyone.[/quotef4dae4febb]


I'm going offer it at $35 shipped if you don't want the HD DVD included (the Standard DVD version and Special Features DVD will still be included).


13-07-2007 23:07:00

Good luck bro.

Wow a $100,000 prono shock


13-07-2007 23:27:07

The plot on Wiki is amusing. I guess that can't get too descriptive, but they almost make it seem like a regular film.

Has there been anything else this expensive? The last thing I can think of is Caligula.


13-07-2007 23:44:25

[quoted6bd9b2108="Tholek"]The plot on Wiki is amusing. I guess that can't get too descriptive, but they almost make it seem like a regular film.[/quoted6bd9b2108]

There is actually an R-rated version. In fact, you can rent it from Netflix [the R-rated version, that is.]

That and they have an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

http//www.dptonight.com/next/newsimages/914-1.jpg[" alt=""/imgd6bd9b2108]


13-07-2007 23:48:59

Hah. That reminds me of Emmanuelle. This all screams 70s. Only thing missing is a theatrical release. D


18-07-2007 13:22:16

Final offer posted. $30 shipped for all the bells and whistles, $20 shipped sans the HD DVD.


18-07-2007 13:58:46

LOL didn't someone way over a year ago ask where he could d/l this.

lol that was a funny thread!


18-07-2007 23:50:20

I want to watch it in HD-DVD, I dont want to pay 30 bucks for porn.


19-07-2007 00:44:03

Would 2 greens in exchange for the movie work for you?


19-07-2007 06:47:41

I think HD DVD porn would be scary. As for the movie no comment 8)