If you have an EB/GS and FYE near you, free $20 @ FYE

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06-07-2007 14:17:36

Alright, GameStop/EB Games just dropped the price of the PS3 game "Enchanted Arms" to $19.99/$17.99 used. You can then take it to FYE, grab one of their special deal paper bags, and resell it to them for about $38. Its normally worth $26 for a trade in value in cash, but then you get +20% trade in value if you want store credit, and then +20% cash/25% store credit with the special paper bag.

So to recap - you buy Enchanted Arms(PS3, not 360) from EB/GS for $17.99 used/$19.99. You bring it to FYE, with the special deal bag, you get ~$32 cash or ~$39 in store credit. Good deal!


07-07-2007 00:26:17

Looks like scaming to me /...but w/e


07-07-2007 10:59:01

How is that scamming? Its a perfectly legal thing to do. Its not like you are trying to return without a receipt for the full $60(as I've seen a lot of people try to do @ Walmart and Toys R Us).


07-07-2007 22:30:02

What is FYE?

By the way, thanks for the post!


07-07-2007 22:43:36

i wouldnt consider that scam, it is techincally legal.

its just a lot of work i think...


08-07-2007 00:23:43

Theres an EB and an FYE in the same mall near me. I might try this. If it works I could possibly do it a couple times. Question though dose FYE buy games all the time? Or if they have a couple used copies already would they not buy? Also better to buy it new or used?


08-07-2007 09:02:07

Yea, im pretty interested myself. I also have an EB games and an FYE in the same mall.


08-07-2007 12:10:07

FYE will buy used games/DVDs/CDs all the time, the price they give you is usually pretty close to the price listed HERE http//www.wherehouse.com/sell.jsp. You will get +25% if you opt for store credit rather then cash, and then with the brown bag special, you will get +20%. The brown bag special only lasts til July 18th.

Buying the game used is the way to make the most profit, but sometimes they can be picky.

And Parth, FYE is like a CD store, but they also have some DVDs/video games. I forget what the overall company is, but they are related to like Suncoast motion pictures, Sam Goody, etc.

What I usually do is go to KMart when they have a bunch of games they wanna get rid of on clearance - they will drop the prices down to about $2 - $3, then you can flip it at FYE or GameCrazy for a small profit usually(never sell to EB/Gamestop, they rip you off like 10X worse). Sometimes you can get REALLY lucky(like with this Enchanted Arms deal).


08-07-2007 15:40:16

So if I went into FYE with lets say 6 copies of enchanted arms they would buy all of them?


09-07-2007 04:00:07

I wouldn't do it all at once... they might get suspicious. And the deal does say in fine print "We reserve the right to refuse any DVDs, CDs, and games, all trades are subject to store managers approval".


13-07-2007 00:17:31

nice idea


13-07-2007 07:16:13

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13-07-2007 09:19:30

thanks got it fixed


14-07-2007 12:58:22

Lol I'm not going to do this but I was just at the mall and they had a gamestop right in front of a FYE.


16-07-2007 19:05:32

i bought E Arms and went to the FYE in the same mall and the guy told that particular store doesn't take Vid game


16-07-2007 23:32:27



20-07-2007 13:07:34

[quote7baaf10d5e="leosanch86"]i bought E Arms and went to the FYE in the same mall and the guy told that particular store doesn't take Vid game[/quote7baaf10d5e]


I guess thats why it would be a good idea to ask FYE first about how much they offer for a used version of that game.

BTW, what is FYE? (I'm in Canada, but I do visit the states once in a while)


20-07-2007 13:33:02

For Your Entertainment FYE a music/movie/videogames type store


30-07-2007 21:41:09

I still got the game I always seem to leave whenever i go to the mall with a FYE