Gateway M275 Tablet Convertible PC for sale

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01-07-2007 20:21:09

got this a few months ago, dont use it much so I am looking to get sale it

Gateway M275 Tablet Convertible PC


li Processor Intel Pentium-M Centrino 1.5Ghz
li Level 2 cache 1MB
li Processor side bus speed 400 MT/s (400 MHz)
li Memory 512MB PC2700 DDRAM, 333MHz, 2048 MB max
li Hard Drive 40GB
li 802.11B/G Wireless Integrated Network Adapter
li Optical Drive 24x CD-RW / 8x DVD-ROM Combo
li Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition
li Display 14.1 LCD, 1024768 (XGA), 16.7 million colors, tablet version
li Graphics controller Intel 85822GME, UMA (shared memory) architecture
li External video Supports dual display and extended desktop Integrated TV encoder
li Audio chipset Sigmatel Soft Audio AC97 rev 2.3 codec (STAC9752)
li Card reader accepts Secure Digital, Multimedia Card, Smartmedia, Memory Stick
li Full sized 86 key keyboard
li Gateway EZ-Pad touchpad w/2-buttons plus rocker switch
li Tablet screen input via included electromagnetic digitizer pen
li 56k Modem (RJ11)
li 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
li Battery 8-cell Li-Ion, 3.6 Ah, 14.8 V nominal, 53.28 Wh
li Dimensions 1.3 12.6 11.1 in. (HWD)
li Weight 5.7lbs


li Two USB 2.0 (4-pin)
li IEEE 1394 (4-pin)
li V.92, 56K Modem (RJ-11)
li 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45)
li External monitor (VGA)
li Stereo headphone output
li Monophonic microphone input
li Card reader (accepts Secure Digital, Multimedia Card, Smartmedia, Memory Stick)
li PC Card socket (one Type II)
li Docking port
li DC input

only used about ten times perfect condition pics will be up soon

ask questions in the thread

thanks for looking - hope someone buys this wink


01-07-2007 20:24:50

running XP and the specs are less than desirable, it MUST be more than just a few months old...


01-07-2007 20:28:47

well, "I" just got it a few months ago, could have been made lilililiedit 4 years agolililili (thanks JOSHBOX) for all I know.

I wanted a tablet to take to school for notes and what not and it did the trick.


01-07-2007 20:32:12

this model is almost 4 years old.


01-07-2007 20:35:08

fixed, thanks for the manufactured date ;)

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02-07-2007 22:51:24

sold 400 bucks, not bad for a 4 year old tablet


03-07-2007 11:27:54

I didn't even know they made tablets four years ago..