360 for sale, 20 gig hard drive, Gears of War, ESPN NBA 07..

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01-07-2007 13:36:16

Up for sale is a Xbox 360 with a 20 gig hard drive, wireless controller, Gears of War and ESPN NBA 2k7. The xbox360 was bought in March 07, I'm selling it becuase I would like to get a PS3.

Please, no lowballers, I won't selling for anywhere a price that I think is fair, I won't answer emails with obvious embarrassing offers for the 360.

I will also trade for a brand new unopened ps3 (60) I will also throw in cash.

Pics are below.



01-07-2007 16:04:53

Is your 360 banned from live?


01-07-2007 16:53:53

nope, I never opened it up.


02-07-2007 12:43:29

bump, I want 370 shipped...


02-07-2007 20:30:58

can i have your gears of war for $20 shipped


02-07-2007 23:00:09

I don't want to seperate it...

come on guys this isn't a bad deal, I sold a new one for 350 to TTGP.

I'll selling one that's barely 4 months old with 2 games for 370 shipped.


03-07-2007 05:21:54

Most people here already have a 360 if they want one, and if they don't have one yet are pry after the Elite.


03-07-2007 09:10:17

Why the hell would you want to get a PS3? It just got released that the new football games are going to run 2 times smoother on the 360 then the PS3, and the PS3 is already failing pretty drastically. There is like one good game on the system, if that.


03-07-2007 10:35:31

well if you dont sell it my offer for the gears of war still stands


03-07-2007 11:16:02

No thanks, I want to sell everything together.

I might not get the ps3 but go for cash.

Big War Bird

03-07-2007 19:51:22

$315 Shipped


03-07-2007 21:56:04

[quote80ffe4e75f="Big War Bird"]$315 Shipped[/quote80ffe4e75f]

nope P