2 HTC 8525/TyTn for Sale .. One BRAND NEW and one LIKE NEW

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27-06-2007 08:54:38

Hi guys .. as we all know the iPhone is coming out Friday. Bad news for me as my girlfriend and I recently just bought a couple of HTC TyTn/8525s from Cingular/ATT or whatever they want to call themselves.

One of the 8525's is brand new still sealed in the box never been turned on as my girlfriend still had her Sprint contract for another month or so.

The other is like new used for about 3 and a half weeks 98% of the time kept in a sleeve case-like thing .. but there is one small blemish on the bottom right hand corner (for any yankee fans .. i was an idiot and the phone slipped out of my hands as I was taking a picture .. I caught it before it hit the ground but it hit the seats so you can say a piece of your phone is at yankee stadium lol).

Anyways a bit about the phone. It's amazing. If it wasn't for my infatuation with the iPhone I would love to keep this. You don't need a data plan because Wi-Fi works awesomely .. has a nice size screen with windows media player.

I'm asking $460 for the new phone and $435 for the Like New. I'm also adding a few freebies that I had bought for both phones that make this deal that much sweeter for you.

- Both phones unlocked and upgraded to Windows Mobile 6
- Each phone comes with a 2gb miniSD card
- The Like New phone comes with a copy of Links Golf

You can PM me if you're interested .. I'm in the NYC area so if you're from Nassau/Queens/Manhattan we can work something out. I also would accept PayPal and I'd even open an eBay auction for any security reasons.

Thanks for you interest. lili I can provide pictures of either phone upon request.


27-06-2007 12:41:08

Never been turned on? Then how'd you unlock and upgrade it. ;)

If things weren't a bit "spendy" right now at home I'd probably jump on the new one as a non-contract upgrade to my 8125. But it's not a good time for me at the moment.


27-06-2007 13:54:59

sorry .. to clarify

the first phone has never been actively used .. was turned on basically only to activate the sim card then upgrade and unlock it.


27-06-2007 14:41:52

What is the current branding on the phone itself?
Is the logo a Cingular or AT&T logo?


27-06-2007 15:04:55

ATT logo