FS: D-Link Xtreme Wireless N Notebook Adapter DWA-652

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26-06-2007 15:01:29

[ba39ab851ce]EDIT For sale now on ebay, starting at 99 cents, no reserve. Bid it up!


As the title says, I have a DWA-652 Xtreme N Notebook adapter, but no compatible notebook so this does me no good. I am looking to sell it asap, I will list it on ebay for $90 shipped BIN but before that I will put it up here. Looking for about $75 shipped from you guys or possibly best offer. I dont really expect a big demand for this here but who knows. The card is brand new and sealed and you can view the details right here



26-06-2007 16:58:10

What happened to your Uberxcore 2K laptop?


26-06-2007 17:07:36

He's not TFOAF. P


27-06-2007 13:40:48

I am not TFOAF -) bumped incase anyone is interested.


01-07-2007 19:09:48

bumping this now that its listed on ebay


retail is 79$