7 Bucks For Free

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24-06-2007 06:49:11

If you sign up for Obopay (New online payment similar to paypal, that gives u a debit card as well as the ability to send and recieve money through your cell phone) You get 5 dollars from Obopay themselves just for signing up and I will send you another 2 dollars from my account, just for signing up and getting a free debit card already loaded with 5 dollars. Pm Me if intrested.


24-06-2007 15:43:02

Don't they have a annual fee?


30-06-2007 21:15:12

I'm willing to sign up under the first person to send me their ref and $3 from obopay (you get $5 from me signing up under you so that means you get $2 for doing absolutely nothing).