DVD's for $7 - All in great condition

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23-06-2007 07:25:23

I have several movies I need to get rid of if you want to know what type of movies just pm me and we can go from there. Buy a movie and I will have shipped to your location immediately.Thank you.


23-06-2007 07:28:18

Any chance you could just post a list of the movies you are selling? And is the $7 price just the movie, or does it include shipping, too?


23-06-2007 07:33:55

The movies are $7 each and that includes shipping and handling. $5 for a movie and $2 for shipping and handling. Here is a list of the movies.

Chicken Little
Over the Hedge
Little Man
The wedding singer- adam sandler
The Descent
Stay Alive
Superman Returns
The dukes of Hazard - jessica simpson
Click - adam sandler
Fun with Dick and Jane - Jim carrey