Domains For Sale (eBay) - Now only $50!!

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22-06-2007 08:22:08

Since the last one was deleted -
Bid Crazy!

And for those who don't read the rules

[quote1700dc713b="Admin"]2) Threads offering 'get rich quick', 'high yield investments', or other such bullshit are not allowed. This forum is for posting COUPONS, HOT DEALS, AUCTIONS ON EBAY[/color1700dc713b], TANGIBLE ITEMS, and WANT TO BUYS (WTB) [b1700dc713b]ONLY[/b1700dc713b].


22-06-2007 08:30:46

EDIT I'm thinking there was just a misunderstanding. Good luck with the sale of the sites ) (prices seem a little high to me, though, given their seemingly limited use)


22-06-2007 08:37:02

You can post links to auctions of intangible goods... we just don't allow FIPG to be the means of selling them.


22-06-2007 08:56:51

ya, np, the prices are high just because I want to see what I can get out of them. I will take offers (via eBay) , even low ballers!


22-06-2007 09:54:44

My bad...


08-07-2007 20:53:35

Now only $50! Start a blog or your own service!