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22-06-2007 05:30:44

Hey all, well um it's not that big, just a few things i need to get out of my place so i can make some room for all my new stuff i suppose..

The computer hardware pack can be pulled apart if you would like individual pieces.

First Up.

Computer Hardware

http/" alt=""/"530/193/dsc00002af1.jpg[" alt=""/img23c9c452cd]

[code123c9c452cd]2 x Standard VGA Video Cards

256 MB DDR Ram

Blue Heat Synch Fan

2 Standard 10/100mbs Network Cards

One Generic Motherboard

230volt Powersupply

Starting Price : $40
Postage : Quote upon area code / location

Panasonic SL-SX320 Portable CD Player

[img="23c9c452cd]http/" alt=""/"405/9417/dsc00051hv0.jpg[" alt=""/img23c9c452cd]

[code123c9c452cd] Product Features

li Thin, round-form design for optimal portability with round LCD on player lid
li Plays standard CD, audio CD-R, and audio CD-RW
li Hold prevents unintended commands (play, stop, etc.) and resume picks up exactly where the player left off
li Includes stylish over-ear headphones
li Up to 33 hours playback from 2 AA batteries (not included)

Technical Details

li In the box: CD player, user's manual, over-ear headphones (standard AC power adapter not included)
li Text display: No
li MP3 playback: No
li Compatible formats: CD, audio CD-R/CD-RW
li Includes radio: No
li Antiskip protection: Yes (No-Skip with 48-second memory buffer)
li HDCD decoding: No
li Headphone jack: Yes (.125-inch)
li Resume: Yes (from exact point where playback stopped)
li Hold: Yes
li Headphone volume control: Yes
li Audio outputs: 0
li Number of discs: 1
li Favorite track search: No
li Remote included: No
li Repeat play: Yes (one/all/program)
li Sleep timer: No
li Track programming: Yes (24 tracks)
li Records CDs: No
li Batteries: 2 AA (not included)
li Battery life: Up to 33 hours

Starting Price : $10
Postage : Quote upon area code / location[/code123c9c452cd]

Generic Brand CD Walkman CDR PlayBack

[img="23c9c452cd]http/" alt=""/"405/8588/dsc00049pg8.jpg[" alt=""/img23c9c452cd]

[code123c9c452cd]Unfortunately i don't have any information about this product.

Starting Price : $5
Postage : Quote upon area code / location[/code123c9c452cd]

GEFORCE4 MX440 64MB DDR AGP8X W/ TV Out Video Card

[img="23c9c452cd]http/" alt=""/"530/2583/dsc00004qd7.jpg[" alt=""/img23c9c452cd]

Product Info
nVidia Geforce 4 MX 440 8X Graphics Processing Unit(GPU):
- Second Generation Transform and Lighting Engines
- NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR)
- Hypertexel pipeline for 3D texture & rendering
- High-Performance Hardware Anti-Aliasing
- 32-bit ARGB rendering with destination alpha
- 32-bit Z/Stencil Buffer
- Support for AGP 8X/4X/2X, AGP Texturing and Fast Writes
- High-Definition Video Processor

Revolutionary 3D Accelerator Features:
- Optimized DirectX and OpenGL acceleration
- Single pass multi-texturing
- Video Acceleration for DirectShow, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and Indeo
- Back-end Hardware video scaling for video conferencing, 3D games and playback

Starting Price : $20
Postage : Quote upon area code / location[/code123c9c452cd]

Update - Will Also Be Selling Request Cards / Booster Packs / Starter Decks (Brand New or Used)

As of the moment, i can only get the decks released as can't pre-order from my guy for the new upcoming decks..

[img="23c9c452cd]http//[" alt=""/img23c9c452cd]

The auction time of this thread will be one week from now, so all bids will count until friday next week, happy bidding guys !!

22/06/2007 - FiPG Only


22-06-2007 05:47:21

You may want to offer this stuff on The shipping is going to cost more to most here than the items you're offering.


22-06-2007 22:38:39

Yeah, i dislike ebay due to it's stupid fees etc, postage can be worked out between me and the winning bidder, we can find the cheapest method i suppose, and hopefully i can get cheap shipping via my works mail system.


Now selling new and used world of warcraft trading card game, cards !!


25-06-2007 21:52:08

woah i thought this would go alot better, another bump ?


25-06-2007 22:32:25

Your selling some old computer hardware, and trading cards no one probably plays here. I don't think there is a big demand for it.