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13-01-2010 20:56:47

Found this on the P2S site that I frequent


The root domain only shows 2 gifts, an extremely ambiguous "chance to win free Super Bowl tickets" and a $50 gift card. 8 offers, so it's absolutely not worth it. No way to log in to your account status. WHOIS lookup shows the owner is Day Online Solutions, which appears to be some sort of domain seller/buyer.

A "just curious" signup lead me to a page where they email you a PIN that you need to input to continue. Oh yeah, and I never made it to the offers page.

I smell scam, but I'm wondering just out of curiosity what you guys think and if you have any other info on this one.


13-01-2010 23:48:03

just another junk site to find on the internet, stay away and move on