- Has anyone tried them?

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17-12-2009 08:00:06

I found a best buy gc site from and I was just wondering if anyone has heard of them or tried them before? Whois shows registrant as from British Columbia...This is all the info I have on them, so any more would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


17-12-2009 08:57:38

Don't bother. Even if they were legit (they aren't) you can do a lot better than $500 for 13 offers.


17-12-2009 09:05:23

Well the link I had was $1,000 for 13 offers...Not that it makes them legit.


17-12-2009 16:59:13

It could be for $10,000. You'd still only get $0. I've not seen anyone anywhere get paid by this outfit.


18-12-2009 12:07:50

Ok well that's good to know. I didn't even check to see what their offers were like, but I figured I would check with you guys anyways to find out about their legitimacy...