Warning: Recharge offer from IncentiveGateway $1500 site

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16-12-2009 15:25:01

I did the Recharge offer for the Incentive Gateway site with my Target Visa, and it's the first and only thing I've ever charged to this card (Strangely enough this is the same account that I had to change when some net scammer got my cc # and was signing me up for diet tea, Playboy subscriptions and credit monitoring to my old address). About a week later, I get two $79 charges from PublicationsMax and Seattle's Best Coffee (I actually got a pack of coffee in the mail, and I was really puzzled). The jerks are not answering their phones so I can't contact them yet, but I left a message. I'm pissed that some one or some company is going to stoop to straight credit card theft like this.


16-12-2009 15:27:28

now see, if you would have listened to me when i said to report your card lost or stolen after doing these offers, this would not have happened...i only got rebilled for 2 things, and i purposely let them do it so i wouldnt have to hear shit from nuitech. but it was for the savings subscription things, so its not a big deal..

but yeah that recharge energy thing and the Smart Smoker offer from panama is extremely shady..


16-12-2009 15:31:11

Yeah, and I've tried Seattle's Worst Coffee before and it aint worth $80. The thing is I don't see how these companies are related, so how did they get my cc info? They aren't even sponsoring offers on this site, although they're all over Ideal sites.


16-12-2009 18:25:49

That fucking electronic cigarette company calls me 3-5 times a day. The number is 540-572-4104, anyone else get calls from them?

I also got charged $86.93 from Ultra Cleanse AFTER I returned the product. I canceled, returned the product within the 7 days (they got it 2 days after I canceled), I received a cancellation confirmation e-mail from them December 7th and then they charged me on December 8th. They said they're going to refund the money (only AFTER I gave them my USPS Delivery Confirmation number), but it still pisses me off that they billed me almost a week after they received the product back.


17-12-2009 04:29:57

that's alright, try reaching healthy pores and complete cleanse, out of the trial period and have tried everyday including emails, they dont answer or hang up when i call, or it just gets automatically disconnected ugh


17-12-2009 07:41:18

Complete Cleanse is working, I called them the other day. There was a post in another thread about how they were having problems with their phones.


05-01-2010 07:06:49

I have tried to contact complete cleanse so many times - and just get disconnected. I guess I'll keep trying, but I've already been charged for the product anyway. I also got coffee that I never ordered from some other company - "Cafe Saparillo" or something like that, which I think is a sister company to Seattles best. Charged my card $79 - total scam too!


08-01-2010 17:22:11

[quote2b6d3dd3b4="tylerc"]Complete Cleanse is working, I called them the other day. There was a post in another thread about how they were having problems with their phones.[/quote2b6d3dd3b4]

Yep, they had problems with their phones that they were aware about and dealt with everything as if it was the day you tried calling.

And I've done recharge energy a couple months ago and a year and a half ago and I've had no problems either time.


09-01-2010 09:49:53

Healthy Pores does not answer their phones, had to file a dispute with Chase after they charged my card $79.90. Yeah yeah OJ, you were right.