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25-11-2009 20:16:24

[b40b5b34013]It's Easy, Fun, and 100% FREE![/color40b5b34013][/b40b5b34013]

[b40b5b34013]Blastoff Network [/b40b5b34013]is a website that pays you for your online shopping and pays you for your friends online shopping!
Hundreds of websites you already shop at are launched from your fully customizable Blastoff home page.

[b40b5b34013]Blastoff Network[/b40b5b34013] tracks your online shopping using cookies the same way that offer sites do. When you get credit for a
purchase, Blastoff will put your cash back award in your account. The amount of cash back depends on the merchant. When
your account has more than $20 you will get a check in the mail for the amount in your account. Invite your friends and have
them do the same. You'll see how fast your downline grows! There is no size limit on your first level and you get paid for
[b40b5b34013]10 levels[/b40b5b34013] of online shopping!

This is nothing more than doing the online shopping you were going to do anyways and inviting friends to do the same. Launch
the [b40b5b34013]Blastoff Shopping Mall[/b40b5b34013](shown above) from your Blastoff Homepage and you will see the same merchant website with the
same prices. And in the [b40b5b34013]Blastoff Shopping Mall[/b40b5b34013], you will see current [b40b5b34013]Specials[/color40b5b34013][/b40b5b34013]. Click [b40b5b34013]Specials[/color40b5b34013][/b40b5b34013] and you will see available [b40b5b34013]Discount
Codes[/b40b5b34013] for that merchant which you can use during checkout! You receive cash back on top of these savings!

There is no cost to join, no monthly fee, no minimum purchase, no monthly purchase requirement, and no activity requirement.
Let's say you don't need to shop online this month. That's fine! You won't lose your membership. You won't lose your cash back
award. You won't lose your downline. You won't lose your downline cash back award! You don't have to change how or when you
shop online. Just change where you shop online and get cash back!

Watch a quick Video here.
More info at my Blog.
My Blastoff Network Home Page _[/color40b5b34013]Where you can Join for Free![/color40b5b34013]