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27-09-2009 09:32:27

I signed up for the 1000.00 giftcard -(e-solutions)
Has this ever happened to anyonw? I assume it is a glitch on their side of the system and I did -mail, but I am just waiting for a reply. Anyways, I completed my silver page and they credited, now I went on to the gold and any offer I wanted to try when it loaded said OFFER EXPIRED , at first I thought that the actual offer did expire and moved on to look at a different one, but all of the offers on the gold and platinum page says expired. How am I supposed to finush the site if there are no offers?
Sounds like a glitch right?


27-09-2009 09:33:39

ugh - sorry this was supposed topost in the ideal section, not a new topic!


27-09-2009 11:00:01

Try clearing your cookies...other than that I have no positive suggestions for you.


28-09-2009 17:25:32

it was a problem with the account - I e-mailed them and it is all fixed now -never had that happen before!