Has anyone tried this site or others like it?

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06-07-2009 10:38:05


They are the sites from Canada. I know some has been posted about these sites but has anyone actually received anything from them. Additionally, there used to be a telephone number to call - does anyone know that number?



06-07-2009 10:39:53

mike, they have no place or way to check your status....STAY AWAY!


06-07-2009 10:41:34

Its hard enough to get paid these days when you have a status page and consistent customer service, I would not risk it


06-07-2009 11:05:08

They are scams. You won't find anyone who has gotten anything from them.


06-07-2009 18:50:05

CrazyFreePC.com redirects to SuperFreeLaptops.com

Some guy told my girlfriend at work that he got a laptop from there...is this the same company?


06-07-2009 23:28:28

are you sure it was this website tho? a lot of them have similar website names.

this company so far, no one has reported getting a gift, and at least 3 people have reported on different forums not getting paid and getting the runaround from this company. if you want a link to a good blog with details let me know

i personally like to think of them as the canadian scam company.