Possible new site

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19-05-2009 05:53:15

Hi everyone,

So I got about 4 emails this morning pointing to various versions of this site


There were a few different domains. Each takes you to a site known as Ruby-Offers. The layout is VERY similar to YFD, as are the offers and their pages. Strange part is it's a moderately high value item (~$1200?), but no OOD. Lots of regular offers though.

Anyone have any thoughts?

If it is YFD I am hesitant as I have sent in my forms for several of their sites months ago and still haven't received anything.


19-05-2009 06:58:06

The BBB logo resolves to

Netblue, Inc
303 Bryant St Fl 3
Mountain View, CA 94041-1253
Phone (650) 810-1200
Fax (650) 810-1300
Contact Kathy King - Consumer Compliance
Business Start Date 1/1/1999
Company ID 214568

The laptop you linked to is 17 offers, as well. Bronze offers 4, Silver offers 5, Gold offers 4, Platinum offers 4.


19-05-2009 07:18:16

Should have thought to click on that. Thanks.

17 offers for a >$1000 prize isn't unreasonable considering I-deal is 8/$500. But the fact that YFD often takes forever to get a check is eh....


19-05-2009 12:22:20

Hmmm...$500 for 8 offers ($62.50 each) that you can get done in a couple months or a $1000 computer for 17 ($55.82 each) you'll still be waiting for on Labor day.


19-05-2009 12:53:36

dude.. 17 offers = no b/c the last few pages are all OODs for YFD


19-05-2009 15:49:20

According to the OP, no OODs on this one.

Still not a very good deal.


19-05-2009 16:52:46

i didn't believe you so i signed up. yup, no OODs however, if you've done freebies in the last year or so, chances are you wouldn't be able to complete the site. its typical YFD the same offers that hang around and not too many new ones. and yea besides that they take way too long to credit and get the check with the fraud prevention on top of that. they need to speed it up, it does get annoying.


19-05-2009 17:02:38

testimonial "i was really surprised at how quickly i received my gift card in the mail!" ok that's flat out fake, they dont send gift cards and it takes forever


19-05-2009 17:44:58

Well I'm pretty sure the value is closer to $1300,1400 as I own the laptop. I would be trying it if I could find enough offers I hadn't done/ didn't want to wait forever for it.


19-05-2009 19:07:31

Dell shows that configuration at $999.


20-05-2009 04:13:58

Keep in mind that not only are there 17 offers to complete, but you MUST keep the offers and pay beyond the trials, it says that in the terms as you click on each one.

This $1000 gift could cost something like... $1600 to complete?


20-05-2009 13:27:02

Yes, it wouldn't be worth it at all. Even Product Test Panel's offer-cost/payout ratio is leaps and bounds higher.