Brandarama 1099

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08-02-2009 21:15:50

I searched but couldn't find anything on this. Has anyone received a 1099 from Brandarama? I was expecting one but have not seen it yet! Thanks.


08-02-2009 21:27:20

Try reading through the Brandarama sticky at the top of the DIY forum. I don't think they are sending any out, we would have received them by now.


08-02-2009 21:39:35

Nope, and thats a good thing.


08-02-2009 21:40:15

why wouldn't they send out a 1099 for 2008? from what I understand is that for 2009 and beyond there will be no 1099's since fulfillment is being done through mpell.

brandarama always seems to be late with the 1099's......


09-02-2009 19:05:57

[quotefd11601c31="FreebieExpert"]Nope, and thats a good thing.[/quotefd11601c31]
Again with perpetuating tax fraud. Stop it. It makes no difference whether you receive a 1099 or not, you're obligated to report the income, and that's the end of that discussion. It's been apparent for some time that your nickname couldn't be further from the truth...

You've been warned too many times, consider this your last.