I want this!

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07-02-2009 02:37:19

Sorry, I have to share this one!


I nearly shat bricks when I heard about it here!

Now I can get one for free by completing offers! D


07-02-2009 02:40:03

I've seen that video before, but the freebie site?! WTF?!


07-02-2009 05:24:16

has anyone signed up for this - who is electronics galore?
I can't see how many offers and the last page of offers unless I sign up - can someone tell me - I may want to start this once my tax returns come in. thanks


07-02-2009 07:04:33

You would really want to start a site for a fictional product???


07-02-2009 07:46:22

Looks like PTP to me.


07-02-2009 08:08:40

That's hilarious. My bet is some overzealous marketing drone at this site wasn't paying attention when they heard about the "wheel" and thought they'd be one of the first to benefit from the "demand" for the latest Apple product.

That or it's a hoax. Doesn't look exactly like PTP to me but it's been awhile since I scrutinized a PTP site so I could be wrong. EG has had the domain for over a year though, so it wasn't created just for this if it IS a hoax.

When the Onion video was posted on another forum I frequent awhile back, probably 1/3 of the people though it was for real. A lot of folks still have no clue about the Onion, and their spoofs like this have such high production values that I'm not surprised non-techies without a sharp grasp of sarcasm fall for it.


07-02-2009 08:25:21

[quotee56c21d9b1]Fulfillment may be delayed based on availability.[/quotee56c21d9b1]

That's their loophole, so they never have to send any gifts out to any idiot who completes it. lol


07-02-2009 09:49:50

[quotefb2371118f="ILoveToys"]You would really want to start a site for a fictional product???[/quotefb2371118f]

That sacracasm thing again- some of us need to work on what is real - of course I want a laptop - especially with the new hummingbird battery that will stay charged for a full 19 min !


07-02-2009 10:07:09

Sarcasm is pretty hard to pick out of a text.......


07-02-2009 10:53:56

[quoteb9bf5b5439="ILoveToys"]Sarcasm is pretty hard to pick out of a text.......[/quoteb9bf5b5439]

Very true- plus I need to work on using some emoticons to help tip people off -

It's all good!



07-02-2009 13:39:31

In all seriousness, I know that some of these sites like to put up incentives that haven't been announced yet. I remember one of them offered a G-Phone before Google/T-Mobile released the G1 Android phone.

I've also seen sites for the PSP2 and a "new macbook pro" with images that were literally photoshop mockups.

However, this one surely takes the cake!


09-02-2009 06:50:54

I saw that last week as well, too funny


09-02-2009 16:38:49

in for 10!