I've never done a DIY, can someone help me out?

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05-02-2009 15:16:48

I've been on fipg for a long time and never done a DIY. Last thing I got was from freepay a few years ago lol. If someone could tell me what site would be the best to do and whatnot, that would be awesome! I would also like some guidance once which offers are the best to do. Thanks a bunch! I'm not new to the freebie world, just DIY's lol.


05-02-2009 21:52:58

You're not new, but you're asking us to tell you what offers to do?

That'll go over like a fart in church.

This is the reason freebies are dying. People are becoming more and more flagrant about clearly having no desire to actually try the products they're signing up for, therefore reducing the quality of the leads being produced and therefore ruining the entire productivity and premise of the freebie industry.

For shame.

For shame....


06-02-2009 06:27:56

Yeah - No. Every thread you start asks for advice, and then you don't follow it...


06-02-2009 06:39:03

wow, you're the best Benner

you've been here too long not to know how to search, and research, and figure things out on your own... this is silly.


06-02-2009 08:23:03

[quotea662cd248c="doylnea"]Yeah - No. Every thread you start asks for advice, and then you don't follow it...[/quotea662cd248c]



06-02-2009 10:19:40

lol i don't remember asking that many ppl for advice. But I read the 80 page sticky up top and didn't learn SHIT. Tons of posts of people complaining about not receiving their gifts and such after a few years, but no how-to's or anything.


08-02-2009 08:01:22

Its a bad time to start DIY's now. To get the best deal, you gotta wait until they start a new site or wait until people stop doing them. Once the companies like ideal (the only one i've ever dealt with) realize they have hundreds and hundreds of people interested, they jack up the requirements for the same prize. Right now the average prize is about $500 and thats usually 8 offers (again, im talking about ideal only). You can do other sites but then you have to wait months and months to get your gift.

Its pretty easy.. You sign up for the site, do about 5mins of useless surveys, then have to complete offers on 3 pages. Some sites have crazy offers at the last page that cost $1000+ to complete so you wanna look through all the offer pages before you start. After you complete all your offers, you wait a few days - weeks to approve and once they approve you print out a certificate and send it in to an address given. ANND a few weeks later you get your gift (or check, but usually gift nowadays) in the mail.


08-02-2009 08:02:36

Oh and offers vary on each site, but ideal has very reasonable offers ranging from $1 to like $10.


08-02-2009 12:43:36

Didn't Shaggz used to have an IDEAL guide posted in here?

If not, it's on RS.