I'm still waiting for a W2 from Netblue. Help

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31-01-2009 09:06:45

I did YourFreeWii.net last year and I never received a W-2. (That's the form I'm supposed to get, right?)
Is anyone else who did those sites still waiting on them?

This is my first time filing so I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Should I file without it? Can I? If so, where do I put the $300 under?

Again, first timer. Sorry for the noobishness.


31-01-2009 09:20:26

You'll get a 1099-MISC if the total value of the prizes you received from them equals or exceeds $600. If you're under that you won't get one, which appears to be your case.

If you want to be an upstanding taxpayer and report the $300 yourself, however, put it under "other income".


31-01-2009 10:14:23

Correct, you're not going to get a 1099-MISC for a payout of less than $600 total for the year from a single entity (well, they could send you one if they wanted, but virtually nobody does, as it's unnecessary paperwork for them).

You're still liable for reporting it as income, however.