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27-01-2009 12:14:27

To clear up this forum a little and avoid the repetitive questions I would like the mods to consider this as a question and answer topic where posts will only be updated for this and not for irrelevant questions, I request that the first post be update with useful information to help everyone.
As a founder of a major Mustang Club forum, I know it can get messy and I am here to help and post information as I find it out too.

Okay here we go

[bdc9c04b472][udc9c04b472]The Only Way to Claim Your Gifts Now is by the Mpell Solutions Program[/udc9c04b472]
1-800-450-1575 900am to 500pm
and mention your Gift Certificate Code
1) If you haven't received all of your forms yet, you may contact Mpell or just wait it out like I will.

2) The easiest way to follow Mpell's rules to acquire visa/mastercard gift cards instead of up-fronting money for items.

3) For those of you, like me, who have $1000 visa or something larger, you may consider getting a gift-card with American Express since they are available in large slumps.

4) You also, according to them are allowed to get two $500 Visas to equal that $1000

5) Make sure you have a separate receipt for each individual item such as each Visa, American Express, or Mastercard giftcard you buy to qualify for this program.

If you have any other questions, make sure you contact them and ask them.[/bdc9c04b472]

If you want to read through pages and pages of information, check this thread out, post your questions there as well


I am currently dealing on how to get my $2500 worth of visa and american express giftcards and if anyone knows of any that actually let you withdraw money from them, please let me know.

I believe adding the card to paypal and withdrawing should work, but will confirm it later today.


27-01-2009 12:47:28

the other two locked brandarama threads weren't a clue?



27-01-2009 14:26:50

they should have been a clue.