New Scam alert!

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21-01-2009 13:35:00

I just got a letter with a handwritten address and no return address, postmarked from Canada. There was a $4996 cashier's check in it, and instructions for how to be a mystery shopper. The company calls itself Customer Service Research Inc. and the letter instructs you to call their number immediately for further instructions. You are supposed to make a purchase at Walmart, the Gap, and here's the biggest red flag send a Moneygram and Western Union Transfer! Anyhoo, I searched online and discovered that lisurprise!li, the cashier's check would cash at first, but then come back as fraudulent and the bank would go after you for the money. So, I wanted to warn you guys, because I'm pretty sure they got my address from one of the freebie sites I've signed up for.


21-01-2009 13:40:14

Why do you think that is where they got your address from?


21-01-2009 15:45:07


Thank you for posting this alert. A month ago, I received the same 'offer' for mystery shopping. It is design to trap you to withdraw those funds from your account and then their check bounces leaving you holding the bill.

I almost fell for it but thanks to google search! )



21-01-2009 16:32:26

I think I got this a month a go maybe but I just threw it out


21-01-2009 16:49:27

[quote61a29297be="Twon"]Why do you think that is where they got your address from?[/quote61a29297be]

When signing up for a site a while ago, their address form wouldn't let me enter my address without a unit number since there was a small apartment building behind my house that was on the same property, I guess my address would have come up as a multi-unit building. So, I had to enter "unit A" even though I lived in the front house which didn't have an apartment number. This happened both for the Blockbuster online offer and for the first Brandarama site I did. After that, though, I found that I could just put "front house" for the unit number on the Brandarama sites. So, when this letter arrived, I knew where they must have gotten my information because it said "unit A" after my street address.


21-01-2009 18:54:07

I've received something similar a few months ago too.


21-01-2009 20:26:43

Classic ripoff scheme.... I haven't gotten one myself, but working at a credit union, we see these pretty much weekly. We always wonder how people get them...