DIY sites becoming harder to find

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11-12-2008 07:43:53

I noticed within the past year that the DIY sites are becoming harder to find one that pays off to even bother doing it.

Brandarama is the easiest and most cost effective yet of the DIY sites, but they take over a year to ship out something now. All the other good sites, now are harder to complete and cost to much.

Anyone know of any site that is around that is worth to try anymore besides the obvious ones we all know?


11-12-2008 07:44:40

Just the ones listed here in the DIY section..


11-12-2008 15:44:22

I keep stopping by and checking if something new has come. Most of the advertisers got wise to the freebie scene and have made it more difficult to complete sites really easily. Right now there are very few new advertisers with the economy and all, maybe in a few months some new naive companies will show up and make it really worth it again.

As it is I'm waiting for YF Direct to credit. They had a few offers that I needed to use for a few months anyway so their new terms wasn't a big deal


11-12-2008 18:32:42

the diy sites are there you just have to wait till they are ""ripe".

People dont jump on them till people find out they are legit.

Producttestpanel was around for a while with noone doing them.

The Rewards Gateway sites turned into Ideal sites.

The Opinion Research sites just dropped there OOD and are paying out they have been around for atleast a year.

There are sites but you just have to keep an eye on them.


11-12-2008 20:11:48

What's an example of an Opinion Research site?


11-12-2008 22:16:53

yourlaptopsavings, greenliving rewards


12-12-2008 06:45:58

[quote5ec0e4c8e8="RolltheStampede"]yourlaptopsavings, greenliving rewards

Aren't these Reward Depot?


12-12-2008 08:17:42