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05-12-2008 09:57:57

Does anyone know a contact phone number for X-Sera? I would like to call them and upgrade my service.


05-12-2008 10:15:57

I looked for you and it looks like its just the email address that you can contact them by


However, their terms and conditions page is on a central coast nutica site and their phone number is 1-888-692-8352. I'd give them a call and ask them if X-Sera is one of their products.


05-12-2008 14:52:12

Yeah, thats kinda what I found too. Thanks for the number though, I'll call.


06-12-2008 22:41:48

uggg. I wanted to try x-sera. They added something to my order that I didn't order (and charged my credit card), and then didn't even send my package until the day my trial ended. I had a huge problem getting through on the phone, and then I discovered that they were CCN. That figures. I would never have tried it if I knew, I ordered one of their crappy products 2 years ago and got yelled at for returning it.


07-12-2008 14:42:06

When you place an order through X-Sera, they leave one of the boxes checked on the side that adds something to your order if you don't notice and uncheck it. I guess that's the only way they get people to buy their products.