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31-10-2008 20:09:26

come on guys and girls, just give it time, I don;t want to see this forum locked up again like how it previous was done in the past.....time will tell whether this site can be trusted because we have a handful of people doing it. )

[b94b4308c9e]Lets keep this tread up for just updates on the Company, nothing else. [/b94b4308c9e]

Don't get this thread locked too! Please take your arguments elsewhere.


01-11-2008 03:21:51

The other thread will be unlocked in a day or two.

But it's probably best to start a new thread considering the other one was at 400+ posts.


01-11-2008 10:12:08

no, it wasn't best to start a new thread. you couldn't wait a few days and let the weekend come and go? you HAD to find out if anyone had any kind of update over the last 6 hours?

i don't even have a dog in this fight and i think this was a bad idea.



01-11-2008 10:26:39

it was a bad idea.