ERROR: CONGRATULATIONS! You are our 1,000,000th Customer!

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24-10-2008 10:13:50

On several offers, when I try to submit my billing information I receive the following error. Has anyone received this? If so, how'd you get around it.

[quote289f8113d9]Oops! There was a problem processing your order. Please correct the error below

CONGRATULATIONS! You are our 1,000,000th Customer! Please call Customer Care at 1-888-692-8352 to claim your free gift! [/quote289f8113d9]


24-10-2008 10:25:50

thats central coast nutraceuticals (sp?) and it means you've been put on their blacklist haha so you have to do a different offer


24-10-2008 10:38:03

haha...thats a very nice way of telling me i've been blacklisted. They're so sweet...


24-10-2008 10:59:18

Fuck that company, they're a bunch of scam artists.


24-10-2008 12:17:18

I bet Roger came up with that one.


24-10-2008 13:18:13

haha roger....haven't dealt with him for like a year since i've been blacklisted too haha


24-10-2008 13:37:14

you can never talk with roger anymore....I am on the blacklist too...


24-10-2008 13:39:16

he also complains to ideal if you are blacklisted and that gets your account put on hold. dont even do any offers from them. A little birdie tells me he is signed up for 14 gay magazines for 1 year.


24-10-2008 22:29:26

which one of us hasn't been blacklisted "she name name!" lol


25-10-2008 14:09:12

[quote74651f0acf="wiebelhaus03"]haha roger....haven't dealt with him for like a year since i've been blacklisted too haha[/quote74651f0acf]

roger just didnt understand that i was trying to completely improve myself all at once. i told him i needed a new life and i needed to lose weight, cleanse my colon, and make my tool bigger so i could get the ladies. he is quite the character and pretends that his black list actually has an impact....


27-10-2008 12:12:39


I think I have spoke with Roger. He grilled me on some tooth whitening product. Oh Roger...hope you had a good weekend.


27-10-2008 14:13:55

Hey, I got this msg but they actually sent me the money!