Macbook Air - 12 offers - (iDeal)

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07-10-2008 23:04:13

Website requires 12 offers (2-2-8)

Link http//www.thinnestlaptop-ever .com/?config=4445&src=WC-55138aaaCD6457151801url==http://=http:///url

Didn't see this posted, but if it has been posted just remove it.

More Info @ http//


07-10-2008 23:13:14

Um. 2 referrals. Pass.


07-10-2008 23:59:18

What the hell, why would you post this? Is freebiescoop your blog? I don't see why you would mention it otherwise. Seems like you're trying to get people to go there and click on your affiliate link so you get paid commission for each sign-up.
You broke the link to the actual site -- http//
And added a clickable link to that blog which has a tracking101 affiliate link attached to it.
And you didn't even mention it was 2 referrals...

You've been here for a while so this is kind of surprising.


08-10-2008 00:35:09

Lolz fail.