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14-09-2008 12:35:15

Anyone ever hear of this site? Just seeing if it is legit or not. Thanks for any help and/or info.


14-09-2008 13:40:18

Well when I go there it just says Welcome. Do you have a link?


14-09-2008 17:12:24

Sorry, here it is http//www.greenfieldpromotions.net/Landing/168/108823/gi=141&subci=CD113

I hope it doesn't have a referral id in it, but I don't think it could since I am not signed up under it.


14-09-2008 19:16:37

Doesn't look too bad... 6 offers for $500


14-09-2008 21:21:36

Nowhere to check status, unless you get it when you sign up...


14-09-2008 21:32:58

consumer gain?


14-09-2008 21:39:54

[quote74274b426f="slambam"]Nowhere to check status, unless you get it when you sign up...[/quote74274b426f]


Once you're signed up on any site you can then change your gift in your account status from that link. There are laptops, desktops, $500 VISAs, Oprah Trip... all 6 offers.

So yeah, sign up at the wal-mart site all the way and log-in with the link above.


15-09-2008 05:17:53

what are the offers like?


15-09-2008 05:36:33

Thank you for your interest in our program!
Here are some of our sponsor offers

NetFlix With Netflix you can rent as many DVDs as you want for just $8.99 a month. No Late Fees or Shipping costs. Keep your membership active for one month. Total Cost for offer credit $8.99

Discover More Card 0% Intro APR on Purchases for 12 months. Cool, Clear Design! Approval and use of the card are required for credit. Total cost for offer credit $0.00

BMG Join BMG and Get 12 CDs for the price of one! Buy one CD at club price $14.98 plus S&H. Total cost $14.98 + S&H.

Cosmetique Get the all new Sara St. James 6-piece Cosmetic Collection ($106 retail value) for $1 plus $4.95 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $5.95

Dr. Seuss Book Club 7 free Dr. Seuss and His Friends Books and a free Backpack. Purhase The Cat in the Hat book for $4.99 and $4.99 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $9.98

Living Christian A unique way to enrich your daily devotional time with God. Try it out for a Free 14-day Trial period plus $6.95 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $6.95

Video Professor Learn top computer programs like Word, Excel, Quicken, Photoshop, HTML and more! Get a Free 10-day Trial period and pay only $6.95 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $6.95

Internet Career Kit Make $5000 extra every month on eBay! Order your Free Trial and pay only a small setup fee of $1.97. Total cost for offer credit $1.97

Poster Pass Take 4 Posters for $2 each! Normally, you would spend up to $100 for these 4 posters. Total cost for offer credit $8.00

Seattle Coffee Get the World�s finest coffee sent directly to your door every month! Get a new 12-cup Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder free by choosing two 12-ounce coffee selections for $9.00. Total cost for offer credit $9.00

Overnight Genius Popular training programs for the most popular software programs like Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and many more. Try ANY Computer Training CD free, plus $6.87 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $6.87

Vioderm Clinically shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 45%! Get a Risk-Free trial for $1 plus $5.95 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $6.95

Dermitage The latest breakthrough in anti-aging technology � free trial offer! Try it free for 14 days and pay only $6.95 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $6.95

Onlingo Start speaking a new language in just 7 days with the Onlingo Method. It�s the #1 Selling Language Learning Program. Total cost for offer credit $2.00 S&H

eAuction Success Learn to make money on eBay with no prior experience. Total cost for offer credit $4.95 S&H

Hoodia Star Hoodia Star is made from 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii. It helps reduce your calories by suppressing your appetite. Total cost for offer Credit $5.95 ($1 Trial plus $4.95 S&H)

Grant Funding Source Learn the secrets of how to get free grant money with their easy to use kit. Total cost for offer credit $4.87 S&H

Passport to Fun Passport to Fun+ is one of the nation's premier entertainment programs that offers savings on movies, meals out, family activities, home entertainment, shopping and more. Total cost for offer Credit $1.00

Purity Mineral Collection Mineral makeup kit that perfects your imperfections. Creates a luminous glow. Receive the Mineral makeup kit ($145.00 retail value) for $3.95 S&H. Total cost for offer credit $4.87 S&H

Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card Earn 5 ThankYou points for every dollar you spend at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations for 12 months. No annual Fee. Total cost for offer Credit $0.00

...and more, We have over 40 sponsor offers to choose from!

Close this window and continue


15-09-2008 11:57:54

That may be worth a shot....

EDIT I just signed up, page 3 offers are all Discover and Citi credit cards, Health Plans, Family Secure, Pure Pro. Not good...


15-09-2008 13:04:33

definitely consumergain.

they are legit for what its worth.


22-09-2008 17:09:17

what is the deal with consumer gain? Are they bad? How is their manual credits?