brandrewardgroup?? legit?

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05-09-2008 15:41:59

anyone heard of them?



05-09-2008 16:08:22

no way to check your status. No one knows if they are legit or not.

If you want to give it a shot and let us know how it goes, that would be great.


25-09-2008 09:47:11

[bb8dcef4aa9]Yeah - I took a chance and tried their Dell offer. I will let you know what happens.[/bb8dcef4aa9][ib8dcef4aa9][/colorb8dcef4aa9][/ib8dcef4aa9]


25-09-2008 10:25:13

Don't all of their sites basically require a Loan on the last page?


25-09-2008 10:30:40

The Dell site did not require a loan or credit card offer. It was a total of 7 pretty standard offers. I don't want to recommend this site until I actually receive the gifts, but the offer completion part was pretty simple. I have contacted them by mail to request my status as that is the only contact method they have available. I will keep you posted.


25-09-2008 10:46:31

good luck! how much did all the offers cost


25-09-2008 10:49:04

[b16e2d54cd3]My total cost was $58.00! Crossing my fingers...[/b16e2d54cd3][i16e2d54cd3][/i16e2d54cd3]


11-12-2008 07:36:48

I would avoid that website and any website they run. They are from Canada. Everything looks good to you get to the last page and you will have to spend over $1000 usually


11-12-2008 07:46:39

[quotec23487645e="ifgtammy"][bc23487645e]My total cost was $58.00! Crossing my fingers...[/bc23487645e][ic23487645e][/ic23487645e][/quotec23487645e]

Any update? It's been 3 months...


11-12-2008 08:10:53

i never saw this post before. im surprised a user with 3 posts braved this site. maybe he's from a4f...


11-12-2008 08:12:45

i asked a while back, no response to snail mail was i believe the response.


11-12-2008 08:19:08


Yeah-I took a chance on this response to written letters to their given address. Have tried to contact through whois and through their promoters with no luck as well.

Any other ideas??[/b0b4a94f9b3]


11-12-2008 08:39:50

Try BBB and then a maybe a letter from a lawyer but since there in Canada I do not think you will have much luck with either of those.


11-12-2008 09:34:36

did you send a letter via delivery confirmation to be sure they got it?