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25-08-2008 23:31:29

Hey all. Please list some links for some decent DIY sites. Are there some offers that just aren't to be missed? What is everyone's favorite?

I wrote this so I won't have to sift through the thousands of posts that lead for most, absolutely nowhere. What I want the most is some useful links, so please don't tell me to look through the posts and please don't be an A-hole and lock the topic. I think this would benifit a lot of people. Thanks for everyone's help!


25-08-2008 23:34:54

look through the posts lock


26-08-2008 02:04:18

what the hell made two threads in two days. is a useful link.

if you're smart, you can see that each offer has its own thread for the most part. but you're not, so use that link above.


26-08-2008 06:09:07

I guess A-hole duty falls on me this week.