Will they still pay out? Signed up for a site awhile ago.

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23-08-2008 12:59:08

I signed up for this yourtopbrands 500 best buy card for 3 offers at the end of last year and was wondering if they will still pay out?

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23-08-2008 13:16:51

Send them an e-mail... they should say yes. Plus you'll have written permission from their support.


23-08-2008 13:28:31

Ok I sent them one. I'm curious tho, when I click on the email button, it asks for my email. Am I supposed to put the email that I used to sign up or one that I will read? Cus that email i used is full of spam.


23-08-2008 15:35:30

I would use the one from your account. But you should be fine to complete this site.


23-08-2008 16:33:50

oh they'll pay out alright...in about a year and a half...


23-08-2008 16:38:10

lightliquid, let me know what they say. I took have that $500 Best Buy on my status page too that I never started (mine dated 11/7/07). Thanks.